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World leaders in movement & lifestyle education

Vincent Bolletta

Founder of Hañsa, Vincent Bolletta has been teaching, and practicing yoga since 1990 and since then has become New Zealand’s foremost yoga instructor and teacher trainer with a wealth of knowledge in biomechanics, yoga therapy, movement therapy, and postural analysis.


Cecilia Li

Cecilia has worked in Beijing’s main yoga studios and has been featured in TimeOut Magazine, Lululemon, Yoga Journal, and Keep Yoga for her teaching. Cecilia has done therapy workshops for many companies such as Microsoft and Lenovo. She also created a project combining Yoga Therapy to Change Management to help individuals to grow. Cecilia is a translator and interpreter specialising in yoga therapy and has translated in many international conferences.

Manager of Hañsa China

Liana Yew

Liana likes her teaching to be playful and to remind her students that yoga can be fun. Liana is one of Vincent Bolletta’s earliest students and has been continuously deepening her study in hañsa.

Hañsa Flow Instructor

Melanie Morris

Mel describes Hañsa flow principles with simple yet deeper philosophy as a game changer to understanding her own developmental patterns and finds the meditational movement of Hañsa flow graceful as well as enhancing stability, mobility with strength.

Hañsa Flow Instructor

Jay Garman

Jay’s approach to yoga is simple – practice regularly, feel better, live happy. His teaching enables students to investigate the habits, stories and patterns that make up their mind-body frameworks, which when expressed through movement, opens the door to transformation.

Hañsa Flow Instructor

Meta Vashti

Meta was introduced to Yoga in her late teenage years and since then Yoga had gotten her through some of her difficult times in college and professional career. Despite the occasional dabbling with Yoga, she only started practicing regularly around 2013, when she fell in love with the meditative aspect of the practice. Meta started teaching in 2016 and started immersing in the practice of hañsa in 2017, when she met Vincent Bolletta.

Manager of Operations Hañsa International & Manager of Hañsa Indonesia

Mike Huffam

Mike is the founder and chief instructor of Master Kettlebell Academy (MKA) which specialises in kettlebell therapy and rehabilitation, MKA is accredited in New Zealand by the REPs organisation. Mike’s international kettlebell qualifications are as an RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor) and IKFF (International Kettlebell Fitness Federation).

Mike is an internationally recognised functional fitness educator, trainer and presenter - specialising in Kettlebells, CrossFit and Olympic lifting, and has been a certified Personal Trainer since 1998.

Master Kettlebell Academy Founder - Hañsa Presenter

Dr Vicki Connop

Originally from the UK, Vicki completed her clinical training at the University of East London and worked in public mental health services in London for 5 years before emigrating to New Zealand in 2006. She has worked in both adolescent and adult community mental health services in Auckland and currently has a private practice in Grey Lynn.

Vicki specialises in mindfulness and compassion-based therapies, including acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). She also offers a therapeutic modality called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming), which is an evidence-based therapy that helps people to process distressing or traumatic memories and release strong emotion which may be held in the body or mind.

Wise Minds Psychology, Mindfulness, Yoga - Hañsa Presenter

Katherine Geary

Katherine is a degree-qualified naturopath based in Dunedin, New Zealand. With 3 young children, she knows it can be tricky to find balance in our busy lives, and often this causes us to neglect our own health. Katherine is passionate about working with people to remove any wellness-related obstacles preventing them from becoming their very best. From simple lifestyle changes to more complex health concerns, Katherine can help you achieve a greater level of vitality and vibrancy.

Naturopath - Hañsa Presenter

Hear from our members

See what others have to say about how Hansa Wellness works for them.

Learning about Hañsa had entirely changed the way I think about yoga asana practice and also inspired some beautiful understandings of life, as well as depended and consolidated some on the world views I have already fostered through other resonant modalities.


Excellent. So good to hear Vincent using words to help us make everyday sense of our yoga connection with our geometrical shapes and physical space, our breathing and finally visualisation to seal the deal.


It was amazing. I knew my T12-L1 connection wasn’t good. But when the class almost finish, I can feel something different in my body. Especially in T12-L1 area. Nice sequence. Love it



Hañsa is an integrated therapeutic system that is based on the human development process with philosophy derived from integration of eastern and western thought methodologies.

The applications of Hañsa principles and methodologies are done through Hañsa Therapy and Hañsa Flow.

Hañsa Therapy is a therapy system that combines functional touch, rehabilitative work, and movement to support and return optimal functioning of the body.

Hañsa Flow is a creative movement practice that embodies the Hañsa therapeutic principles, and created to enhance stability, ease, and grace in one’s movement.

The word “Hañsa” itself means Swan in sanskrit, and it alludes to the inner guru within us and the ability discern information through awareness and observation, which is one of the values of Hañsa.

The practice of Hañsa Flow is a circular, multi-directional movement practice with creative sequences that focus on transitions rather than poses.

The movements in Hañsa Flow are created with the human developmental patterns in mind and align with the biomechanics of the human body to provide better support and stability to the body.

The Hañsa Flow sequences are also created to illustrate and embody inner form and rhythm in graceful, functional movement patterns.

Through this rhythm, Hañsa Flow brings calmness and stability to the mind, making the practice a mindful meditative movement practice.

Yes, Hañsa Flow can be practiced by all levels of practitioners. Many of the movements are based on Yoga movements, but you don’t have to know yoga before you start practicing Hañsa Flow.

We have some online practices that are suitable for beginners and can be a great entry point for everyone who wants to try Hañsa Flow.

Generally, the Hañsa Flow practice does not include positions that are too difficult, nor does it demand a high fitness ability.

The Hañsa Flow practice might challenge your coordination and spatial awareness. These are important practices that will train us to improve our movement awareness and ability. 

You can take your time in learning the practices. They are created to be repeated. So take your time to familiarise yourself with the movement and always practice within the comfort of your abilities.

Our Hañsa Wellness platform is the perfect place to start your Hañsa Flow practice.

We have free 7-day trials for both our Red Swan and Gold Swan memberships. We suggest you start with a free trial to get a feel of our practices and then hopefully you’ll sign up so you can enjoy the full benefit of our memberships.

At the moment, we have regular offline classes by some of our Hañsa Flow Teachers in several cities in New Zealand including Auckland, Christchurch, and Dunedin. We also have online classes for practitioners in Indonesia. You can contact us if you would like to know where these classes are held.

Most of the practices in the memberships are Hañsa Flow practices. Some of them are single sequences. Some are part of a series to give you a continuity of practice, and can be used as daily practices as well.

In addition to the flow practices, there are a few practices that are more therapeutic based. 

At the moment, we’re working on expanding our offerings to include fitness practices as well. So we hope to have more of those in the future.

We have a few resources for you to begin understanding some of the Hañsa principles. You can begin by listening to the Hañsa Bites we have in the membership which we also post in our YouTube channel.

For more in depth discussions on different aspects of Hañsa, you can check our Hañsa Conversations podcast.

Every few months we hold online workshops/ trainings. Check this website, follow our social media on Facebook and Instagram, or sign up to our newsletter to be informed of upcoming online events.

We’ll also let you know about future offline events through the channels above and we hope to see you in one of these events.

Everything you need to know about being a Hañsa teacher is on our Teacher Training page.

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