About Hañsa Therapy

Hañsa Therapy is a complementary, holistic approach to health that optimises functional living. Hañsa uses yogic and Taoist concepts to deconstruct movement, breathing rhythms and behaviour to provide an approach that supports the practitioner, student and client to greater wellness.

In the Hañsa Therapeutic approach, the body is regarded from multiple layers and therapeutic physical treatment has to be considered from its effect on a mental, habitual, and situational perspective.

In Hañsa Therapy, the diagnosis and assessment is a shared collaborative experience between the therapist and the client, and “treatment” becomes a dynamic and relational approach.  The Assessment procedures has four categories, clinical, movement, manual and breathing.  Each assessment is to establish what particular patterns are in operation and whether these rhythms are interrupting normal functional processes.     

This approach allows for the client a more profound realisation of the interplay between the experiential phenomena and our subjective tendencies, this investigation leads us to the reason why we value specific ways of moving or behaviour over others.  The assessment model leads to greater observation insights and contrast relationships that inform us of alternative avenues of movement and behaviour.  

Hañsa Therapy incorporates in its therapeutic model Hañsa Functional Touch practices.  A unique bodywork system that elicits a higher degree of body organisation which can develop new and improved movement strategies to support overall function.

Hañsa Therapy main philosophy is based on that any therapeutic value within the practice is built overtime.  It is a system that differentiates and analyses personal styles and characteristics, with the view that as our understanding of ourselves grow so do our choices become different. The hope is the practice will enable any practitioner of Hañsa to adapt, mature and evolve.  This is a prerequisite to improving functionality and living life well.   


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