About Hañsa Flow

Hañsa Flow artfully integrates the healing art of vinyasa through creative sequencing and choreography. Hañsa flow explores the practice of yoga from a three-dimensional concept where movement emerges from the centre, or inner form to expand, condense and return through a natural rhythm grounded in therapeutics. 

It is a movement practice that explores the artistry of moving from internal flow and form. It’s a practice that invites us to be intimate with our natural biomechanical rhythms. It’s a practice that requires awareness of the subtlest to the grossest parts of ourselves and therefore builds true mind, body, and neurological connection as we find graceful integration in the way we move.

The flow sequences within each Hañsa flow module are used to illustrate and embody inner form and rhythm in graceful, functional movement patterns. The blend of functionality and relationships to form brings to life a creative potential to assist students and teachers to explore and manage self on physical, emotional and energetic levels.

As a true mind-body practice, from a mental perspective, Hañsa Flow also brings calmness to the mind, while building mental alertness and steadiness. It’s a practice that brings clarity and stabilizes the mind, as well as the emotions.

The Hañsa Flow practice also brings other benefits:

  • maintains health
  • improves vitality
  • Improves physical & mental coordination
  • creates internal strength and improves stability in the body
  • brings ease to movement
  • increases awareness and understanding of one’s own body

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