Hañsa International Professional Certified Instructor Application

How to enrol and begin your journey to becoming a Hañsa International registered teacher

Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Hañsa International Professional Certified Teacher 

Please follow the requirements to complete your certification.Thank you for your interest in becoming a Hañsa Professional International Certified Instructor. Please follow the requirements to complete your certification.

Send an email to info@hansa.yoga with the membership you are applying for (Black, Shadow or Jade Swan) and then please attach the following:

  • name, mobile phone number, city of work ⁃ the relevant certificate of your Hañsa training  
  • head photo with clear white background (the photo is no less than 2 MB, and the face is not covered) ⁃ Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (if any)
  • Please ensure that your name being registered on the Hañsa International Directory is consistent with your certificate

Once received your registration will be evaluated by the Hañsa Faculty to determine your approval into the Hañsa Teacher Membership & Directory.

If approved, you’ll be given a link to register online for the membership that relates to your Hañsa training certification, you will need to pay for the annual fee.

Once online payment is processed, we will show your photo, name, location, email and certified type in the HAÑSA TEACHERS DIRECTORY.

The Hañsa Teachers Directory is also a platform for customers to access your services and contact details. If you do not wish your information to be made public please specify.  

We will also confirm your Hañsa Professional International Certification by email. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@hansa.yoga