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From its humble beginnings Hañsa Wellness has organically grown from face to face workshops and courses in Asia and the Pacific into an international movement and therapeutic system.

Over the years Hañsa has focused on creating an educational platform that fosters a greater understanding in how our body functions.  Through its unique Therapy Teacher Trainings and Yoga Therapy principles Hañsa has developed into a leading training system that assists the development of highly effective teachers.  

Through this lens Hañsa has evolved into sharing its unique approach on health and wellbeing by now creating an online platform to extend the availability of the programmes to support teachers, practitioners and health professionals around the world.

These trainings have lead to the development of Hañsa Flow in order to make the therapy trainings and principles available and accessible to the general public. They have proved very popular and effective in support of optimising body function.  

The Hañsa philosophy is one of holistic integration of the layers of living.  The body does not operate in isolation and we are excited to include offerings of support in lifestyle and wellbeing.

Our intention is to present offerings that are supported by professionals in their field and we hope that you can take some of these tools to enhance your wellbeing.


Vincent & the Hañsa Crew



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