Hañsa 200 Teacher Training Curriculum & Schedule

Hañsa 200 Training is the first entry point to the Hañsa International Flow &  Therapy system.  In  this training students will begin to learn and understand the fundamental principles that support and govern safe and effective yoga practices.  The training introduces the student to Hañsa’s unique mind/body practices that shape a newer understanding of the body.  It establishes clearer guidelines on the right practices that support bio-mechanics, functional movement and flow.  

In this training students will also be guided into how to design safe and effective practices that supports all students in any general class setting. You will also learn the foundational principles and design of any class. 

You will also learn how to creatively sequence practices that are supportive and inspiring.  To aid your learning there will be pre-programme practices that follow professional standards of exercise science that are safe and highly effective.  This will give the student a strong platform to begin teaching as soon as they feel ready in any environment.  Building confidence is a key aspect to Hañsa 200 training. 

Hañsa 200 Training also introduces the student to Hañsa Functional Touch practices.  A unique  bodywork practice that explores movement and dysfunction from a variety of physiological components.   It will teach students how to apply safe and effective touch in any class scenario. Basic anatomy and physiology will taught to help the students become grounded movement science. 

Hañsa 200 training will also cover the history, origins of yoga and the ancient protocols. It will expand the concepts and practice into our everyday life. We will also teach and expect students to understand  and adhere to Hañsa's code of ethics and professional conduct.  Hañsa is dedicated in supporting the development of safe environments to enhance learning for all.        

Learn to teach yoga from a functional perspective.

Hañsa believes that the practice of yoga is explorative and investigative. The Hañsa 200  training will cultivate greater awareness, knowledge and experience of your body and self. The Hañsa 200 Fundamental Training is accredited by Yoga Alliance enabling RYT200 registration on successful completion of the programme.

Hañsa yoga combines Eastern and Western philosophies to teach yoga from its fundamental roots. We believe this is essential to understanding the practice of yoga from developmental and evolutionary perspectives.

The  curriculum focuses on the study of the body from a bio-mechanical perspective to fully understand the functions and movement of the body as a fundamental layer for the practice of yoga.



Hañsa Fundamentals Curriculum:

  • Principles of practice
  • The practice of postures
  • Fundamental & supportive pranayama
  • Functional anatomy & physiology
  • Body movement & biomechanics
  • Sequencing
  • Injury prevention
  • Introduction to functional touch as an experiential approach
  • Yogic Principles and methodologies 
  • Yoga Ethics  


This training is suitable for:

  • Students with an existing yoga practice & interest to deepen their understanding of yoga.
  • Students / practitioners who are interested to start teaching yoga
  • Existing yoga teachers seeking a deeper understanding of yoga & teaching from a functional perspective.
  • Movement, bodywork & fitness practitioners, personal trainers, and other health professionals interested in understanding yoga from a functional perspective.



2022  Hañsa 200 Teacher Training is delivered  face-to-face in 3 blocks of 5 consecutive days and weekly online classes, lectures and Q&A 



Offline Dates 


March, 3rd  - 7th (Practicum)

June, 2nd - 6th (Practicum)

September, 3rd - 7th (Practicum & assessment)  



Online Dates:

All Online Classes will run at 5pm New Zealand standard time 



14th - Principles of Practice 

16th - Online Hañsa Class

21st - Q&A

23rd - Online Hañsa Class

28th - Body Movement & Bio-mechanics 1




4th - Q&A

6th - Online Hañsa Class

11th - Body Movement & Bio-mechanics 2

18th - Q&A

20th - Online Hañsa Class

25th - Injury Prevention 




2nd - Q&A

4th - Online Hañsa Class

9th - Injury Prevention

11th - Online Hañsa Class

16th - Q&A

18th Online Hañsa Class

23rd - The Practice of Postures

25th - Online Hañsa Class

30th - Q&A




4th - Sequencing 

6th - Online Hañsa Class

11th - Q&A

13th - Online Hañsa Class

18th - Introduction to Fundamental Touch

20th - Online Hañsa Class

25th - Q&A




1st - Fundamental & supportive pranayama 1

3rd - Online Hañsa Class

8th - Q&A

10th - Online Hañsa Class

15th - Fundamental & supportive pranayama 2

17th - Online Hañsa Class

22nd - Q&A

29th - Hañsa 200 Teacher Training Summary 



Fee: USD1,429.00 (Payment plan available)



Location: Flow Wellbeing Centre 229 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch, New Zealand



Requirements – It is recommended that participants have an existing personal yoga practice before commencing the training. Attendance at face-to-face teaching sessions throughout the three intensive blocks is mandatory.




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